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With you can send files from your PC, tablet or smartphone. Without registration. Just because.

The Panel:

Send Files

Easily send a whole set of pictures – efficiently and in comfort!

Whether for personal use or for your business – with you can easily, efficiently and conveniently send a series of photos or large files. Select an entire group of files from on your device at once, skip individual files if needed, and then send them off. The list view shows file names and the total size. You’re always in control!

Quickly share a video from your mobile phone?

You know the scenario. You just took a neat video with your phone or a whole series of amazing photos. Now you can’t wait for friends or family to see them right-away. 50…, 100…, or more megabytes are reached quickly. With that’s no problem! It’ll work on your mobile and is completely device independent. No more worries whether recipients have accounts on the same social network or app.

7 days, 24 hours

An email with a download link tells recipients to retrieve the files within 7 days. As sender you don’t need to concern yourself any further about those files in the MediaCenter cloud. An email notice forewarns the sender and recipients 24 hours in advance, and then the files are wiped automatically.

Preview as Gallery

The top «Preview» feature means recipients no longer have to wait for a completed download before they can browse your files. With our exclusive «Gallery View», they’ll instantly know what is waiting for them — or you can think of it as a convenient, albeit temporary, «Online Album».

Fully functional, the integrated detail view shows each picture, allowing to browse back and forth between images.

Any Device – Anywhere

StudioLine® Photo +

With StudioLine® Photo 4 you can organize, edit and optimize your pictures, present them as a slide show, an online gallery, or embed them on web pages. is already integrated. You don't need to close StudioLine first. Instead you conveniently share your images directly from within the software.

Curious? Then get the 30 day trial of StudioLine® Photo Classic 4 and give it a spin.

Send or share files via the MediaCenter cloud as easy and convenient as never before!

Send Files